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DESTINY Partners are businesses, individuals, churches and organizations that value and financially support the vision to change lives globally while at the same time recognizing the benefits of informing our community about their own products and services. Your company or organization can experience the benefits of being a DESTINY Partner, too!


Find out how we can help you share the message of your organization. Contact us by phone at +27 680 788 046 or you can email us more about you and your organization. email: dccfmradio@gmail.com we will follow up with you. 


DESTINY Partners are valuable members of our community of people who love God and care about each other! If you are a business owner or representative of a not-for-profit organization and would like to be featured in this space and on the air, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor today.  



Many people around the world are separated from God, living without hope. We believe in the redemptive power of Jesus. That's why we use RADIO so individuals across the globe can hear the good news. 

We want to provide hope in the dark WORLD. Your Support helps encourage more people to Love and follow God. Through the providence of God, the prayers and financial support of people just like you are what keep DCC FM RADIO on the air. 

We are thankful for the generous gifts, often made at a sacrifice to the giver, that keep this message of truth, hope, love and inspiration beaming around the world. There are several ways you can support. DCC FM RADIO is a non-profit and your donation is tax deductible.