Offline Radio



You’re my favorite!! I will be recommending your station because of the excellent music and marriage support. Thank you and blessings! Judy, Queens New York


Great online radio station, I love it and will always listen! Brittany, USA


I have always wanted a nonstop worship during my prayer time in the morning and my God your radio station plays just the songs I really love listening to, may God bless all the team putting the songs together. Bro Smith,  Fernandes Trinidad & Tobago 


I know it takes some form of passion and time to have play lists like what you have on this radio station, God Bless you for blessing us, not to mention good teachings. Thank you for the effort, it is appreciated. John, Toronto Canda


“Been listening to DCC STATION. Brilliant! Thank you. Sashin Naido, Durban SA


“Awesome News, I always listen everytime. Pastor Dennis Makondesa, Primrose SA


“Thank you so much for playing music for me! I am 14 years old, when my mom told us about the radio every night and day i listen to amazing music and I just want to raise my hand as high as I can to my LORD...GOD almighty.                            Solomon, Daytona Beach Florida


“I’d really like to know where you folks came up you’re your playlist… someone must really know and have experience with worship. It is amazing that other Internet and satellite stations claim they play modern worship and really don’t. You’re great. I do support you.” Melissa, South Africa


“Your station bless me!… Oh yes I love the Christian R&B music wow It’s exactly what I love to listen. Olatunji, Lagos